International Federation of Female Lawyers

About Us


Established in Cameroon on the 21st April 1993 under the registration number: 1173/G.37/D14/Vol.10/580/ZAP

Our vision

A society free of woman violence and discrimination against the woman and girl child in Cameroon.

Our Mission

To assist the woman and the girl child develop themselves and assert their rights through training, advocacy, education, counseling and conflict resolution.

Target groups:

Women and Girl Children

Aims and Objectives

Promoting Human Rights of women and young girls in particular and enlightening the general public on Human Rights particularly those of women and girls by:

  • Cultivating a learning culture on Human Rights particularly that of women and girls through training & sensitization programmes, education, and publications.
  • Advocacy and lobbying for change in legislation to eradicate discriminatory laws.
  • Running Legal Aid Clinics and paralegal Aid posts where counseling services are offered
  • Court representation for the indigent woman.
  • Run a shelter for short-term stay for the battered woman.


Membership in this organization is open to:

  • Women admitted to the practice of law in Cameroon
  • Female Professors or teachers of law in the University
  • Female law graduates from any university