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Biography Information Of Barrister Mrs. Marian Ngunjo Shalo Weledji Fondly Called Mami Weledji:
Barrister Mrs. Marian Ngunjo Shalo Weledji  (Mami Weledji)

Biography of Barrister Mrs. Miran Ngunjo Shalo Weleddji: Honorary life President FIDA Cameroon

Mami was born on the 13th day of December 1937 in Bamenda the then west Cameroon she is mother to five lovely sons.

  • From 1944 – 1952 she attended the Convent school Soppo Buea and had the First School Leaving Certificate
  • From 1952 – 1955 she attended the Holy Rosary College, Enugu where she obtained Teachers Grade II certificate.
  • In June 1958 she had her General Certificate of Education (O.L).
  • In June 1960 she had her General Certificate of Education (A.L).
  • From 1965 – 66 she attended the University of Oxford and graduated with a Diploma in Administration.
  • From 1966 – June 1968 she attended the Holborn College of law in London and received an L.L.B with 2nd class honors in June 1968.
  • From 1968 – 69 she attended the University College London.
  • In October 1968 she became a Barrister-at-Law and an Honorable member of the Grays Inn.
  • After returning to Cameroon she got enrolled as a Barrister and Solicitor of the west Cameroon Supreme Court on the 9th day of June 1969 and founded the Ngede law firm which she heads to this day.
  • She was the first Cameroonian woman lawyer to be called to the Cameroon Bar, and her name is number two on the current Bar Roll second only to our emeritus Bar President Luke Sendze.
  • Mami was President of FIDA Cameroon from 1994-2000 and she has most deservedly been honored with the title of FIDA Cameroon honorary life president.
  • She is a business magnet and a real estate giant.
  • Mami is stronger than ten whole men bound together; not in muscle strength but in inner strength.
  • She is the definition of a superwoman, she is perfection in any and every way
  • She is a fierce gender activist, her contribution to the advancement of women’s rights are manifold and FIDA Cameroon will eternally be indebted her for her exemplary leadership.