Breakeven Point: Definition, Examples, and How to Calculate

Moreover, you don’t need any collateral such as real estate to secure financing. But note that some lenders may require you to put a personal guarantee or lien on your business assets. This gives the lender rights to go after your assets if you default on your loan. Depending on your business, transportation and travel […]

The Future of Standards Setting

Rules-based accounting is a rigid method where balance sheets are made based on predefined rules and guidelines. The next section provides background about the principles-based versus rules-based standard setting debate and develops the hypotheses. The third section details the experimental methodology and the fourth section presents the results. The final section discusses implications of the […]

Current Ratio vs Quick Ratio: What’s the Difference?

Liquid assets are those that can quickly and easily be converted into cash in order to pay those bills. The quick ratio pulls all current liabilities from a company’s balance sheet as it does not attempt to distinguish between when payments may be due. The quick ratio assumes that all current liabilities have a near-term […]

Price Elasticity of Supply

Normal goods whose income elasticity of demand is between zero and one are typically referred to as necessity goods, which are products and services that consumers will buy regardless of changes in their income levels. Examples of necessity goods and services include tobacco products, haircuts, water, and electricity. Income elasticity of demand measures the responsiveness […]

ADP® API Central ADP Marketplace

From a dynasty perspective, one major takeaway from Jeremiah’s rankings is that he has seven skill position players in his Top 8 overall. If you have a pick between 1.01 and 1.07 in a Superflex league, you are going to land a top-tier talent this season. It is also worth noting that Jeremiah ranks Bo […]

Purchase of Equipment Journal Entry Plus Examples

A company usually must provide a balance sheet to a lender in order to secure a business loan. A company must also usually provide a balance sheet to private investors when attempting to secure private equity funding. In both cases, the external party wants to assess the financial health of a company, the creditworthiness of […]